Welcome to Willow Oaks Country Club.

We hope you will enjoy your experience when visiting the Club. Please take note of the following guidelines when on campus:

Clubhouse Attire

Willow Oaks allows “country club” casual dress throughout the main clubhouse. “Country club” casual dress is defined as a shirt with a collar, and slacks or shorts for men and boys. Women and girls are asked to adhere to a similar standard of dress. Dark, appropriately-colored denim is permitted in the dining areas. Clothing with frayed edges, or visible rips or tears, is not considered appropriate attire in any area of the Club.  

Golf Attire

Ladies and gentlemen should wear proper (clothing manufactured for golf) attire for the course and practice areas. Tastefully tailored shorts are acceptable (not to extend below the knee). Tank tops, t-shirts, tennis or other athletic shorts, cutoffs and utility pants or shorts are not permitted. Only shoes designed for golf may be used on the golf course or range. Juniors are permitted to wear soft-soled athletic shoes. Gentlemen’s shirts should be tucked in and caps worn in a forward position.

Tennis Attire

Only clothes appropriate for tennis and sold for tennis may be worn. Collarless tennis shirts, including tennis-themed t-shirts are permitted; however, collared shirts are encouraged for men. Tie-dyed shirts, t-shirts (not including the exception referenced above) and sleeveless shirts for men are prohibited. Members and guests may wear hemmed shorts, above the knees.

Cell Phone and Electronics Policy

Members and guests should place all electronic devices and cell phones on vibrate or silent mode when entering Club property. Phone calls should be taken in a discreet spot away from Club dining areas.